BREEAM In-Use Excellent for Diuna

Diuna (formerly Marynarska Business Park) has been awarded BREEAM In-Use certification under the new v6 scheme at Excellent level. This high rating has been possible thanks to the modernisation carried out by PineBridge Benson Elliot and Syrena Real Estate. This is yet another certificate for the Warsaw office complex confirming its transformation according to sustainable building principles. Diuna has recently received Well HSR and WiredScore certifications. The certification process of the complex was supported by the consulting firm JWA.

BREEAM In-Use is awarded to existing buildings and the certification requirements focus on reducing energy and water consumption, mitigating the environmental impact of buildings, and providing optimum working conditions for users.

A number of solutions were introduced in the Diuna office complex during the modernisation to significantly improve its energy efficiency. Carbon dioxide concentration-dependent ventilation control, VAV ventilation systems and airflow control have had a significant impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, which were successfully reduced by 827 tons in 2023. The new measures to reduce water consumption include flow regulation in fittings in common areas as well as leak detection and prevention systems. With 80 m3 rainwater retention tanks, it is possible to reuse rainwater, for example for watering plants in the new courtyard of the complex, which is one of the most spectacular results of Diuna’s transformation. The concrete car park has been transformed into a 6,000 sq. m green park. With 50 trees and 96 species of shrubs, the venue is more welcoming and open, and the temperature of the courtyard has been reduced by around 15 degrees Celsius.

Imaginative architectural solutions, such as hills (dunes), create cosy green spaces with rich vegetation, a flower meadow and plant carpets. Smog screens planted with climbing plants not only serve an aesthetic function but are effective in stopping noise, dust and fumes. The changes at Diuna are not limited to environmental aspects and include completely renovated entrance lobbies with spatial sculptures, modern design and an art collection. The complex features a new 250 sq. m conference centre and infrastructure for cyclists.

Diuna serves as an example that older office buildings can compete confidently with the latest facilities in terms of energy efficiency and functionality. Thanks to improvements in building systems and inventive adaptation of common spaces to modern market requirements, they can become an attractive alternative for potential tenants. We are proud of the work we have done on this somewhat forgotten office park in Warsaw’s Służewiec district. The effects of its metamorphosis have been objectively and reliably assessed and ultimately confirmed by another certificate. The changes are also welcomed by the tenants. Since we took over the management of the complex, all leases have been extended for another term,” said Stanisław Wardyński, Director at Syrena Real Estate

Diuna (formerly Marynarska Business Park) comprises 4 office buildings with a total usable area of 46,000 sq. m. Companies based here include: Accord, NewCold, Colgate, Daikin Europe, Eurocash, Ford, JDE, Oceanic, S.C Johnson, FOUNDEVER, Business Lease, Leasing Team and WDX. The complex houses a LUX MED clinic and a Gorąco Polecam café. The complex has 1,200 parking spaces on three underground garage levels.

The chief designer of the new version of Diuna is Pracownia Architektoniczna MJZ; the greenery was designed by iGreen Architektura Krajobrazu; the interior design is the work of Łoskiewicz Studio. The Reesco Group was responsible for the redevelopment, and cmT for project management.